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         In terms of Notification No. 14/2002-CE(NT) dated 8.3.2002 as amended by Notification No. 22/2002-CE(NT) dated 4.6.2002, the areas comprising of the National Capital Territory of Delhi have been re-organised in to two Central Excise Commissionerates, namely Delhi-I and Delhi-II. The jurisdiction of Delhi-I Commissionerates is as below:-

         “In the areas comprising of part of National Capital Territory of Delhi bound by the Delhi Haryana border on the North and West up to West Juan Drain or Mungaspur Drain intersection and along Mungaspur drain and Najafgarh Drain till Trinagar or Zakhira; Najafgarh Road from Zakhira upto Raja Garden Chowk, Ring-Road or Mahatma Gandhi Road via Dhaula Kuan, Lajpat Nagar upto Maharani Bagh and thereafter Yamuna River upto Delhi Haryana Border.”

            Delhi-I Commissionerate consists of four Central Excise Divisions as below:-

1)            Central Excise Division ­ I

2)            Central Excise Division ­ II

3)            Central Excise Division ­ III

4)            Central Excise Division ­ IV

The jurisdiction of the aforesaid Divisions alongwith their Ranges is as follows:-

Name of the Division/Range


Central Excise Division-I Outer side of Ring Road starting from (Western) Yamuna Canal (Near Wazirpur Depot) upto G.T.Karnal Road (Azadpur) Western side of G.T. Karnal Road Bye pass to Wazirabad Bridge on Yamuna River. All along Western side of Yamuna River upto Haryana Border, Eastern side of outer boundaries of village Begumpur, Prahladpur banger, Poothkalan upto Lampur Border (Delhi/Haryana Border), Southern side starting from Lampur Border to Yamuna River along Haryana Delhi Border, Eastern side of Yamuna Canal starting from Haryana Delhi Border upto Ring Road crossing Near Wazirpur Depot.
Range-I The area bound by G.T.Karnal Road on Eastern side. By Western Yamuna Canal on Western side, by Outer Ring Road on Northern side and Southern side is bounded by Ring Road, excluding the area of Rajasthan Udyog Nagar, SMA Industrial Area but including SSI Industries Area, Haiderpur, Shalimar Bagh, Shahipur, Singlepur and Pipal Thala.
Range ­ 2 Area bounded by Haiderpur Marg on Southern side, by Railway line on Western side, G.T.Karnal Road on Eastern side and SSI Industrial Area on the Northern side. The area includes Rajasthan Udyog Nagar & SMA Industrial Area.
Range ­ 3 Area bound on the Southern side by Outer Ring Road, by Yamuna River on the Eastern side, by G.T.Karnal Road on Western side and by Singhu (Delhi-Haryana Border) on Northern side. The area includes Badli Industrial Area Phase-I, Samaypur Village, Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar, Bakoli, Burari and the adjoining areas.
Range ­ 4 Area bound by Libaspur Road on the Southern side, by G.T.Karnal Road on the Eastern side, by Railway line on Western side and by Narela (Safiabad Border) on the Northern side. Main area includes Libaspur, Siraspur, Alipur and Narela.
Range ­ 5 Area bound by Rohini on the Southern side, by Railway line on the Eastern side, by outer boundaries of Village Begumpur, Prahladpur Bangar, Pooth Khurd on the Western side and by Lampur Border on the Northern side. Main area includes Badli Industrial Area Phase-II, Shahbad Daulatpur, Prahladpur, Bawana etc.
Central Excise Division-II -
Area bound by west of Yamuna river from the intersection of Timarpur Road and outer Ring Road upto the Old Yamuna bridge, further North west side of Ring Road and Old Yamuna Bridge from the intersection of Ring Road upto Dhaula Kuan. From Dhaula Kuan intersection to the intersection of Sadhu Wasvani Marg and Panchkulan Road (i.e. Estern side of upper ridge road; North side of Sadhu Waswani Marg (Pusa Marg) from the intersection of Sadhu Wasvani Marg and Panchkuian Road to the intersection of Sadhu Waswani Marg and Patel Marg and Rewari Railway Line, further North of Dayabasti Railway Station to Zakhira crossing and upto the intersection of Najafgarh Drain upto the crossing of Najafgarh Drain and Yamuna canal  (Inderlok), area covered by East of Yamuna canal upto the crossing of Yamuna Canal and Railway Line (going to Azadpur) and south of that Railway line upto Azadpur Railway station, Western side of Ambala Railway line from Azadpur Railway station to the crossing of  Ring Road & Ambala Railway line and from that crossing to the intersection of G.T. Karnal Road and Ring Road, further, area covered by from that intersection to the crossing of Outer Ring Road and G.T.Karnal Road and Outer Ring Road upto the crossing of inner Ring Road and timarpur Marg at Wazirabad crossing.
Range ­ 6 Area lying to the North of Patel Road, Shanker Road and South of Guru gobind Singh Marg upto the intersection of Rani Jhansi Road and West of Rani Jhansi Road upto intersection of Desh Bandhu Gupta Road and South of Desh Bandhu Gupta Road, Jawaharlal Nehru Road upto Yamuna river and (West of Yamuna river Birder upto Patparganj) railway-Bridge  west of Mathura Railway line upto the intersection of Ring Road, North of Ring Road upto Dhaula Kuan and East of Upper Ridge Road upto Shanker Road intersection
Range ­ 7 From Delhi Railway Station all along Railway Track (Delhi-Rohtak) upto Azkhira Chowk, Areas South of the Track such as S.P.Mukherjee Marg, Chandni Chowk, Lajpat Rai Market, Kamla Market to Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg upto Yamuna River alongside of rajghat areas including Asaf Ali Road, Jama Masjid, Hauz Kazi, Lal Kuan etc.
Range ­ 8 From ‘B’ Block G.T.Karnal Industrial Area, along the Railway line upto Najafgarh Drain near DESU Colony, to Wazirabad on Outer Ring Road along Najafgarh Drain, West of area bound by Outer Ring Road to the intersection of G.T. Karnal Road and Outer Ring Road from the said intersection left hand side of G.T.Karnal Road upto ‘B’ Block of G.T. Karnal Industrial Area.
Range ­ 9 Area bound by South of Tulsi Nagar, Inder Lok along Najafgarh Drain from Inder Lok Western Yamuna Canal to the intersection with the Railway crossing in Qazirpur Industrial Area to Azadpur Railway crossing of Northern Railway Line (West side), Shakti Nagar Extension, intersection of Najafgarh Drain and Wazirabad Bridge on Ring Road (South East Road) along Najafgarh Drain, Wazirabad Bridge to Old Yamuna Bridge along outer Ring Road (West side) and old Yamuna Bridge to Tulsi Nagar along the North of Railway track.
Range ­ 10 The Area East of the Northern Railway Line from Najafgarh Drain to Railway station bound by Maharana Pratap Marg in the East, the area bound by Najafgarh Drain in the South East and Maharana Pratap Road crossing with Mall Road, whole ‘A’ Block of G.T.Karnal Road.
Range ­ 11 The Area of West of Railway Track joining New Delhi Railway Station and Sadar Bazar Railway Station and South of Delhi-Rohtak track upto Zakhira chowk and north of Guru Gobind Singh Marg, Rani Jhansi Road and including Sadar Bazar, Azad Market, DCM, Bara Hindu Rao, Model Basti etc.
Central Excise Division-III From the intersection of Raja Garden along Ring Road towards East of Ring Road upto Dhaula Kuan crossing along west side of Upper Ridge Road upto the crossing of Sadhu Wasvani Marg (Pusa Road and Panchkuian Road, from that crossing alongside South of Sadhu Waswani Marg upto the intersection of Patel Marg Sadhu Waswani Marg and Shanker Road, from that intersection along the South west side of Patel Marg upto the Railway Crossing of Rewari Railway Line (Flyover near DMS, West Patel Nagar) along the North of Rewari line upto Dayabasti Railway Station, from Daya Basti Railway Station to Zakhira Chowk, from Zakhira Chowk to Raja Garden Chowk (e. south of Najafgarh Raod).
Range ­12 Area bound by Zakhira to Daya Basti Railway Station crossing along railway station upto Daya Basti Railway crossing to the road coming from Anglo Dutch Paint Chowk to Shivaji Marg upto Zakhira Chowk & factory premises of Shri Ram Food & Fertilizers Ltd.
Range ­13 Area bound by the Road leading to Shivaji Marg from Anglo Duthch Paint Chowk near Shadipur Flyover, from that Chowk on Patel Road to Railway line below Shadipur Flyover and along the Railway line to the road coming from Anglo Dutch Paint, including the factory premises on plot 69 & 70 of Rama (Guru Ramdas Marg) and factories whose gates face the southern side of Rama Road.
Range ­14 Area bound by Shadipur Flyover to Modi Nagar crossing on Patel Road, Moti Nagar stop crossing to Raja Garden Crossing on Najafgarh Road,  Raja Garden crossing to Flyover along Ring Road, Mayapuri Flyover to Shadipur Flyover along Railway line.
Range-15 Naraina Industrial Area, Phase-I
Range ­16 Naraina Industrial Area Phase-II plus area south of Patel Road, Shankar Road upto its intersection with Upper Ridge Road, area between Upper Ridge Road and Ring Road upto Naraina Flyover.
Central Excise Division-IV Starting from Delhi Haryana Border all along Northern side of Mungaspur side of Drain from Delhi Haryana Border till its intersection with Najafgarh Drain from their upto intersection Najafgarh Drain with Yamuna Canal, from their Western side of Yamuna Canal upto Auchandi Border (Haryana Delhi Border), including whole of Wazirpur Industrial Area, Block A,B,C and DSIDC shed.
Range ­ 17 Area bound by Delhi rohtak railway line on Southern side, Outer Ring Road on Western side and Western Yamuna Canal on Eastern side, except the oil installations of M/s IOCL, BPCL and HPCL located at Shakurbasti.
Range ­ 18 Area bound by Delhi Rohtak Railway line on Southern side,Outer Ring Road on Eastern side, Haryana Boarder on Western side and Yamuna canal on Northern side and Oil installation of M/s IOCL, BPCL and HPCL located at Shakurbasti.
Range ­ 19 The area covered by Wazirpur Industrial Area, Block A,B,C, Group Industrial Area A&B and DSIDC Shed i.e. Area bound by from the intersection of Western Yamuna canal and Ring Road upto Azadpur on ring Road, from Azadpur Flyover to Azadpur Railway Station, from Azadpur Railway Station to Western Yamuna Canal along the Railway track.
Range ­ 20 Entire Udyog Nagar, DSIDC Shed, Nangloi
Range ­ 21 Area starting from Delhi Haryana Border and lying North of Mungaspur Drain till its intersection with Najafgarh Drain and from their upto intersection of Najafgarh Drain with Rohtak Delhi Railway line and south of Rohtak Railway line from Haryana Delhi Border. Except area bound by Udyog Nagar, DSIDC shed and Nangloi.


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