Our Strategy

Developing professionalism and responsibility


Any system is as perfect as the human being behind it. It is, therefore, necessary that an important stake holder in our realising the vision of the organisation, namely our employees are motivated to deliver their best. We believe that it is not merely enough that they are trained in Customs and Excise procedures; they should be infused with the positive attitude, empathy and an innate urge to help realise the desiderate of a responsive Government. We envisage the following measures to bring about greater professionalism in our approach and also raise the efficiency and effectiveness of our work force:-



Enhancing professionalism, skills and technical knowledge, so that the officials are adequately informed about their work and are ready to meet the expectations of those with whom they deal.


Providing quality training to all supervisory and managerial level officers in management techniques, inter-personal relations, communication skills, conflict resolution, stress management, attitude building and crisis management.


Ensuring the highest level of integrity and Professional Standards within the service.