Central Excise Delhi

Message from the Chief Commissioner

Ms. Nisha Malhotra,
Chief Commissioner, Delhi Zone.


Message from Chief Commissioner, Central Excise (DZ) on the occasion of “CENTRAL EXCISE DAY”



From the desk of Chief Commissioner, Central Excise (DZ)



          As you are aware, we are celebrating “Excise Day” on 24th February, I convey my best wishes on this day to you and your family members.


          In the 60 years since the Central Excise Act was passed, there has been a sea change in our role and areas of activities.    From  strict enforcers of the law who physically checked every vehicle leaving the factory, we now only scrutinize Returns submitted by the assessee, who is now not even required to debit the duty in advance and pays only after the month end.  In addition to our role as taxation officers we are now required to discharge various functions in the context of trade facilitation and each one of us is engaged in the task of carrying out the Governments mandate.  We have to abide by commitments made in our citizen’s charter and not allow it to remain a mere rhetoric. There is still room for improvement and we need to bring about a change in our mindset and in the way we conduct ourselves in public life.  The change in our attitude should be seen and felt by every individual who comes in contact with our department at each and every level.  You should remember that you are the face of this department  and, therefore, your  action, or for that matter  inaction  is crucial for the image of the department.  While we all appreciate the hard work put in  by you to achieve the goals and  objectives assigned to you, there is also need to improve the public perception.  Let us all strive together to take this department to further glorious heights.







All officers of  Central Excise (DZ)